The Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

When you think of exterior fencing, aluminum is probably not the first material that comes to mind. However, aluminum fences are actually quite stylish and practical for residential construction. As a result, they are produced in many great sizes and styles. You should have no problem finding a great aluminum fence that fits in with your exterior decor. This article highlights some of the various perks of aluminum fencing. You will see that, when compared to wooden and vinyl, it is actually a great product.

Aluminum Fence Styles

Aluminum fences are made in just about all of the same sizes and styles that vinyl fences are produced in. Aluminum fence post have a powder coat finish that is applied using electrostatic techniques. This provides an extremely durable and waterproof finish. And, powder coat paints are available in pretty much all the same colors as normal paint. You can pick a product directly from the store racks or catalog, or spend a little more a custom-painted product.

This is great if your home exterior is painted a unique color that you want to match. Perhaps the best feature of powder coated aluminum fences is that they can have a textured finish. A slight texture can add some warmth to the fence. At the same time, the texture makes the fence finish easier to clean.

Aluminum Fences are Thin and Strong

Aluminum is very lightweight yet strong. This allows the aluminum fence posts to be very thin but still sturdy. Compared to vinyl fences, aluminum is much thinner and has a lower profile. Many people prefer this sleeker look.

Repairing Aluminum

While aluminum is stronger than vinyl, it is more likely to dent. Also, there is a risk of the paint job being scratched off and exposing the metal underneath. Even small scratches like this are of immediate concern because there is a risk of corrosion caused by rust. That being said, the powder coat finishes on aluminum fences are very durable. They are much stronger than wood paint, so don't expect scratches to be common. While aluminum might be susceptible to dent and scratching, the risk of the actual fence getting gouged is very low. Aluminum will bend before it gets gouged.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose aluminum fencing products. Homeowners with different budgets and styles love the low-maintenance durability of aluminum fences. Contact a company like Fence-It to learn more.

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