4 Benefits Of Installing An Aluminum Fence Around Your Home

Placing a fence around your home is a great way to protect your property and give your home curb appeal. When choosing between steel, wood, and aluminum fencing, you may feel at a loss as to which material is best for you. Aluminum can be a real winner for fencing, and here are four benefits you can enjoy in installing aluminum fences for your home.

Ease of installation

If you want a metal fence, you will quickly find that aluminum is a much easier material to work with than steel or iron. This is due to its sturdy yet flexible and lightweight properties. Aluminum is a third the weight of steel and far more flexible, making it an extremely easy material to use for building a fence quickly and expertly.  

Versatility and style

Since aluminum is easy to manipulate, you can use it for fencing, decorative gates, and more. Coated aluminum can even be customized in color so you can have a fence that resembles the style of your home. Popular aluminum fencing hues include:

  • white
  • dark green
  • brown
  • navy
  • beige or tan

Talk to your fencing contractor about the different colors of aluminum fencing you can buy. Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of styles as well, including lattice, planks (similar to a wooden fence) and more.


Aluminum is not prone to rusting, and can withstand high winds. Maintenance is minimal, and requires simply taking care to not lean on or climb your fence, mow or use other appliances too close to the fence's foundation, and making sure that children and pets do not dig around the fence posts. You can power wash an aluminum fence with soap and water, or use a lightweight cloth or sponge to remove dirt and stains.


Aluminum fencing is a relatively cheap material for building with, costing upwards of $22 per linear foot to install. This is cheaper than wrought iron with similar results. If you want a classy and decorative fence surrounding your property but you don't have a large budget, then aluminum is an excellent solution for you.

Putting a fence around your property is a great upgrade you can do with your home, and an aluminum fence can provide beautiful results. From its relatively cheap costs to its ease of installation, you can enjoy many benefits of aluminum as a fencing material. Talk to your fencing contractor to see if an aluminum fence will work best for your fencing needs.

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