3 Methods For Repairing A Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are prized because they are durable and low maintenance, but occasionally damage can occur. The most common type of damage is a hole or crack from some sort of trauma, such as a hail stone or falling tree branch. The following are some of the methods you can use to repair the damage without replacing the entire fence.

Method #1: Patch Kits

Vinyl fences come in a few standard colors per manufacturer, so you can usually get a patch kit from the maker of your fence. There are also some independent patching kits available, but you will need to check them first to make sure there is a good color match.

These kits require three basic steps to complete:

  1. Cleaning up the hole. The ragged edges are trimmed away and sanded smooth.

  2. Filling the panel. An expanding foam insulation filler is sprayed into the hole and allowed to harden. The excess is then sliced off and sanded smooth.

  3. Finishing the patch. The actual patch material, usually in the form of a putty, is spread over the damage and scraped smooth. Once dry, it can be sanded with a fine grit sandpaper to blend it into the surrounding fence.

Method #2: DIY Patching

It's possible to also patch the fence without a kit using a similar method as above. You will prepare the hole as above and then fill it with a spray insulation. The difference is in the third step. Here you will use an auto body filler, available from auto parts stores. Smooth it over the hole, dry, and sand. The only issue is that it will not match the fence color. You can use a paint formulated for vinyl fencing to repaint the entire fence, if desired. This is also a suitable repair for areas of the fence where the different color won't be noticed, such as behind bushes or next to the house.

Method #3: Panel or Parts Replacement

For extensive damage to a single panel, it may be more cost and time effective to simply replace the panel. You will need to contact a fence company or the original manufacturer of your fencing to ensure that you receive an exact color match. If the damage is just to a post, you can simply have the post replaced and your existing panels attached to the new post. It is also possible to purchase only the post toppers. The old damaged toppers can be removed and the new attached with PVC glue. If replacing the panel yourself seems like a daunting task, a fence company like Family Fence Company can help.

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