Three Reasons A Vinyl Fence Is Definitely Worth The Extra Cost

If you're looking at fences for your yard, you may initially be turned off by the high cost of vinyl fencing. Admittedly, paying up to $25 per linear foot of fencing sounds like a lot when you can pay as little as $8 per foot for a 6-foot-tall chain link fence or $15 per foot for a cedar fence. But the truth is, there's a reason vinyl costs a bit more than other options: it's better. If you can afford to put a bit more money towards your fence, vinyl will be worth the cost for the following reasons.

Vinyl requires almost no maintenance.

Almost every other type of fencing requires time and money to maintain. A wood fence needs to be sealed, painted and treated with insecticides on a regular basis. A chain link or other type of metal fence needs to be rust-proofed and scrubbed. Vinyl, however, does not require any maintenance other than an occasional spray with the hose to keep it clean. You'll save time and get to avoid buying materials like paint and insecticides when you choose vinyl.

Vinyl is flexible, yet strong.

Vinyl is less prone to damage than other fencing materials, so your chances of needing repairs are lower. If your child slams into a vinyl fence on a scooter, it will give a little rather than snapping. A wooden fence panel might snap, and a chain link fence might pop off the posts as the weak welding point breaks. Whether you have a dog that might jump against the fence, gardening equipment you think you may bump into the fence with, or kids who are known for rough-housing, vinyl can stand up to it.

Vinyl won't expose you or your kids to toxic chemicals.

All of the stain, sealer, and paint you need to apply to wooden and metal fences is not just expensive – it can be unsafe. Do you really want to inhale fumes from these products every spring? Do you want to worry that your child will be exposed to them if he or she touches or licks the fence? With vinyl, you don't need these products – so you and your kids are safer around the fence.

To learn more about vinyl fencing, speak with a fencing contractor like Crown Fence Co. If you can come up with the up-front cost, vinyl will pay you back by being safe, durable and maintenance-free.

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