Remove Rust From A Chain Link Fence And Paint Its Metal Surface

If portions of a metal chain link fence surrounding your property has rust spots on its surface, remove them with the following steps. Once you have finished, add a coat of rust-proof paint to the fence's surface to maintain its appearance and protect it from becoming damaged again.


  • drop cloths
  • emery cloth
  • hand sander
  • coarse grit sandpaper
  • stiff-bristled scrub brush
  • industrial strength detergent
  • bucket
  • water hose
  • painter's tape
  • rust-inhibiting spray primer
  • rust-inhibiting spray paint

Remove Rust Spots From The Fence's Surface

Wipe the sandpaper side of an emery cloth firmly back and forth over any rusted spots on the fence's surface that are located in hard to reach spots. An emery cloth is a flexible tool that will easily fit into small areas. Attach a piece of coarse grit paper to a hand sander and move the tool firmly over any large rust spots that are on flat parts of the fence. Continue sanding the fence until all of the rust spots have been eliminated and the fence's surface feels smooth.

Clean The Fence And Apply Primer

Use a stiff-bristled scrub brush and soapy water to remove any dirty residue or cobwebs from the fence's surface. Afterwards, rinse the fence off with a strong stream of water and wait for it to dry. Place drop cloths next to the fence, on both sides. Cover any portions of the fence that you do not want exposed to primer or paint with pieces of painter's tape.

Spray a coat of rust-inhibiting spray primer onto one side of the fence, beginning in one corner. Apply the spray paint as evenly as you can. Once the entire side is covered, add a coat of primer to the other side of the fence in the same manner. Wait for the primer to dry.

Add Rust-Inhibiting Paint

Apply a coat of rust-inhibiting paint over the primer. Begin with one side, as you did in the previous step, and finish with the opposing side. Wait for the paint to dry. Add a second coat if you would like the color of the fence to be darker. Once the paint dries, remove and dispose of the pieces of painter's tape. The fence will have a newer appearance and will be protected from rust. As long as you keep the fence clean and prevent any sharp objects from scraping across its painted surface, it will remain damage-free and continue to enhance your property. 

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