A Vinyl Wrapped Chain Link Fence Contains Your Dog And Enhances Your Property

If you want a fence to keep your dog in the yard but hate the thought of blocking out your view with a privacy fence, then a chain link fence is a good option. However, you may associate a chain link fence with industrial fencing since it is commonly made of bare steel. The way around the problem of an ugly chain link fence is to buy one that is coated in vinyl. These fences have an attractive appearance that makes them suitable for all types of residential properties. Here are a couple of reasons you should consider installing a vinyl wrapped chain link fence.

Colors Blend In With Surroundings

The vinyl used on these fences comes in different colors. Brown, black, and green are typical options. These colors blend in well with natural surroundings such as grass and trees. If you want to maintain a natural look on your property, then a vinyl wrapped fence is ideal. You'll be able to see through the fence to scenic views beyond, and the fence blends in well enough that it doesn't detract from your view like a bare metal fence would. Even if you live in the city and are surrounded by other houses and yards rather than trees, a dark vinyl chain link fence is much less obtrusive than a privacy fence or a bare metal fence.

Vinyl Fences Are Almost Maintenance Free

One of the best things about a chain link fence wrapped in vinyl is that it requires very little maintenance when compared to other types of fencing materials. The vinyl protects the metal from rust spots, and if you pick a dark color such as brown or black, dirt won't even show on it. You won't have to worry about insect damage or rot. The only maintenance you'll need to do is repair places where damage occurs. For instance, if you accidentally cut into the vinyl when trimming plants or working in the yard, you'll want to seal the cut so rain doesn't seep through and cause the metal to rust.

In addition to attractive looks and little maintenance, a vinyl wrapped fence provides the same benefits of a traditional chain link fence. These benefits include being strong, durable, and tolerant of all weather conditions. A chain link fence is ideal for containing your dog, and the good thing is you don't have to settle for an ugly fence. Choose vinyl wrapping in black or brown, and the fence will be an asset to your property instead of an eyesore.

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