The Perks Of Installing Vinyl Instead Of Wood

Most people think of wood when they picture a picket fence. Even a small wooden picket fence requires constant maintenance. Over the years, a wooden fence will show the signs of age, especially if it is not taken care of. If you want to give your yard the look of a wooden fence, but don't want to deal with all the maintenance, you should consider vinyl fence products. You can find many vinyl fences that have fake wooden prints and textures. This article will explain the perks of using vinyl instead of wood. 

Wooden Styles

First, you should realize the vinyl fences are made in just about all of the popular wooden styles. They have fake stains and prints that look like wood, complete with realistic grains, blemishes, and knots. Of course, most people will be able to realize that they are not made out of real wood, especially when they look up close. But, from afar, they look just as good as the real thing, except they have several advantages.

Vinyl Color Lasts

The main advantage of installing a vinyl fence is that you never need to paint it. The vinyl print is virtually fade-proof and the color will remain rich and bright over the years without any refinishing. As long as you clean your fence every once a while, the vinyl will look virtually brand-new. You can also order custom finishes. Most people buy their vinyl fences over the counter. But, if you want a unique finish or color, you can certainly have it manufactured to fit your personal style.

Vinyl is Waterproof

Wooden fences need to be painted, not only to maintain the style and color but also to keep them waterproof. This is not an issue at all with vinyl fences because the smooth finish is completely waterproof. Since the finish does not fade or wear off, the fence will remain water with hardly any maintenance. Another important thing to consider, especially when installing a fence in soil, is rodent and termite infestations. Since termites like wood much more than vinyl, this is one headache will probably not need to deal with if you install a vinyl fence.   

Over the years, you will save a good amount of time and money if you own a vinyl fence, compared to if you have a wooden fence. The initial installation costs for both products are similar. It is easy to see why many homeowners prefer vinyl. For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as

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