Worried About Your Dog Escaping The Yard? 3 Fencing Projects To Tackle

If you intend on getting fencing installed and are also planning on getting a dog or you already have one, it's a good idea to look into what you can do to prevent your dog from escaping. While secure fencing can help go a long way towards keeping your dog confined to the yard, it's also important to look into what kinds of things you can do to make sure the fence is even more secure. This will help give you the peace of mind that your dog cannot easily escape and that they will be much safer in your yard.

Put in Shrubs Near the Fencing Line

An easy way to block off some of the access to the fencing is getting shrubs planted along the perimeter of your fence. Shrubs can look nice and can also provide some extra blocking from the fencing, making it more difficult for your dog to reach the fence. Your dog will likely not want to climb over dense shrubs, making it much less likely that they will be able to escape your yard. When choosing shrubs, you might want to consider ones that have thorns or that grow quite tall to provide even more safety.

Avoid Chain-Link Fences That Are Easily Scaled

When considering the different types of materials for fencing, you'll quickly notice that some fences are more easily scaled than others. This is important to consider, since it can be upsetting to get a fence installed, only to discover that your dog can easily scale it. Chain-link fencing is one example of a fence that can be easily climbed over due to the holes that your dog can use as traction. Even wood fences can be easily scaled if the wood boards go horizontally, making it important that you choose fencing that is not as easy to climb. Some good examples to consider include Plexiglas and metal fencing.

Add Extra Security Measures to Prevent Climbing

While fencing can go a long way towards making it harder for your dog to escape the yard, you may want to look into other security measures. Getting a collar that sounds a small alarm when they get near the fence can be a smart idea since it might deter your dog from getting near the fence. Another smart idea that you can consider when choosing fencing is opting for height. With a taller fence, it will be much harder for your dog to scale, making it a much safer choice.

Being cautious when purchasing a fence to have installed in your yard can help make all the difference in keeping your dog secure and preventing them from escaping. For more information, contact a fencing company like Clendaniel Fence Co.

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