Four Tips For Caring For Your Residential Fence

A fence is a common feature for property owners to want to have installed. Yet, they may not be aware of what they need to do to effectively care for their fencing. This can be at least partially corrected by using a few basic maintenance strategies to care for your fence.

1. Pressure Wash Your Fence

Regularly cleaning the fence is important for avoiding discoloration, rot and many other issues with the fence. Unfortunately, washing a fence can be a lengthy project. However, the use of a pressure washer will be able to effectively clean the fence in an efficient manner. As you are pressure washing the fence, make sure that it is set on a low power level to avoid stripping away the paint or otherwise damaging the fence. Also, you should avoid using cleaning agents in the pressure washer during this work as these substances can leave a sticky residue behind. 

2. Use All-Weather Paint

Keeping the fence painted can be an effective way of reducing the amount of wear and tear that it suffers. To maximize the protection the fence will enjoy, you should use all-weather paint as this will be better able to handle the intense conditions that the fence will experience. In addition to using this type of paint, you will also want to paint the fence every few years. This will ensure that it enjoys the most effective protection possible.

3. Protect The Fence Against Pest Damage

Insects can be extremely damaging to wood residential fences, but many homeowners will simply fail to protect the fence against these hazards. In particular, termites can be a major threat to wood fences. If you are to protect the fence against the damage these insects can cause, you will want to apply pesticides to it every few months. This is especially important during the spring and summer months as pests are most active during these times.

4. Inspect The Fence Posts For Erosion

Erosion can be another issue that can have devastating effects on a fence. As the soil washes away from around the base of the fence posts, they will gradually become unstable, and this may lead to them falling over. You might assume that there is nothing that you can do to prevent erosion from devastating the fence, but it is not as difficult as you may assume. For example, if you notice that there is ample soil erosion around the base of the posts, you can use gravel or erosion netting to stop the problem from worsening.

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