Powder Coated Iron Fencing – Your Questions Answered

Powder coating is a treatment used on iron fencing, among other things. If you are considering installing a powder coated iron fence, there are probably some questions that you need to be answered. Here, you'll find a few answers that could help you feel confident in your decision to install powder coated iron fencing around your property.

What are the benefits of powder coating iron fencing?

Firstly, the beauty of powder coated iron fencing is unsurpassable. Along with the attractiveness, you'll also enjoy:

  • Longer lasting high-quality color finish
  • Fewer problems with corrosion
  • More durable finish against scratches and dings
  • An affordable option to fence your yard

How long will the finish last?

There are many factors that come into play to determine how long a powder coated finish will last on your iron fence. These factors include:

  • The quality of the work performed
  • The location of the building
  • The environment of the location
  • How much pollution is present
  • If rock salt is used regularly
  • Exposure to sun, freezing temperatures, winds and flying debris

How do you maintain a powder coated iron fencing?

You will need to perform some maintenance work from time to time – kind of like how you care for your car – the longer you want it to look great, the more time you'll spend caring for it and preventing damage.

Over time, the fencing could begin to lose the glossy finish, begin to chalk or the color may change. Regularly cleaning the fence will help to minimize the damage that the elements can cause. How often you have to clean the fence will vary by location.

If your fence is in a low traffic area with minimal sun, ice and salt exposure, you'll only need to clean it every year or so.

  • If you live in a tropical environment, you'll need to clean the fence every 9 months or so.
  • If the fence is surrounding a swimming pool or spa, it should be cleaned every 6 months or so.
  • If the fence is surrounding an industrial environment, it should be cleaned every 3 months or so.

If you have further concerns about making the investment on your powder coated iron fencing, don't hesitate to contact your local fencing professional. He or she will assist you with finding any answers that you need to confidently make an educated decision about installing a new powder coated iron fence around your home or business. To learn more, contact a powder coating company like Double R Manufacturing, Inc

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