Your New Deck: What To Consider

When you design a new deck for your property, you need to take many things into consideration. Your deck should be a pleasant extension of your home that gives you a great place to hang out or entertain family and friends. When you have a great deck, you create more use for your landscape and make an area that is pleasing and fun for all. Here are things to consider when building a deck for your home.


How large do you want your deck to be? Do you want your deck to wrap around the side of your house, or do you want your deck to extend out into your landscape? Your deck installation professional will help you select the right size for your decking project so you can both enjoy the natural landscape you have and love your deck at the same time.

Custom additions

Think about what type of function you want your deck to have. Do you want built-in seating for your deck so that everyone has a place to sit without adding outdoor furniture? Do you want to have a custom rail added on with a gate to secure the deck when you want to keep pets or children on the porch?

All custom additions should be discussed with your deck installation specialist to see if they can be done based on the size of your deck and your budget. You can tweak your deck's design a bit so you can have the custom features you desire.


Most decks are made of either wood or wood composite materials, although many people choose to have their deck designed out of natural stone or concrete as well. You can select from cedar or redwood for your decking design or opt for composite decking, which is resistant to the weather and water damage.

There are many different materials you can use for your deck's design, and you can even install more than one material to give your deck a modern, custom appeal. For example, you can use wood for the railing and steps of your deck but composite or concrete for the flooring to give your deck a sturdy and attractive appeal.


What color do you want your deck to be? Do you want to simply stain or seal your deck, or paint the surface to match the rest of your home? Your deck specialist will suggest finish options to make your deck more weatherproof and attractive so that you can enjoy the outdoor recreation area longer.

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