When To Consider Adding A Fence To Your Property And How To Get It Down Right

Fences have a lot of good uses, and in residential situations, they can be a simple solution to a simple problem. Installing a fence yourself is a lot of work, but hiring a fence company to come and install your fence is often not as expensive as people think, and usually, a contractor can complete the fence in a fraction of the time.

Fence Types

Fences are available in many different materials and styles to meet the property owner's needs. A classic wood fence is nice and can add some value to your home, but installing a chain-link fence could help improve the security of the property. 

Choosing the fence that best suits your needs is often the first step in the process, and if you are looking for something unique, you might be able to have a custom fence installed for a little more money. Different materials do have different maintenance requirements, so you may want to consider that as you are picking a fence design, but there are ways to deal with that, like hiring a painter to repaint a wooden fence every few years if it needs it. 

Another option would be to install a vinyl fence that looks like wood but never needs painting. These fences still need cleaning from time to time, but renting a pressure washer to clean the fence one weekend is manageable for most homeowners and will keep the fence looking great. 

Fence Installation

If you choose to have a fence company install your new fence, they will meet with you first to determine where you want the fence and if you need to have any gates installed. Access to the yard from a gate is often the best way to get things into the yard later. Adding new patio furniture or a swing set for the kids is difficult if there is no gate and everything must come through your home. 

Once the entire fence design is set, the fence company will come and set the posts for the fence using an auger and concrete to ensure the posts do not move. The posts typically need to sit overnight for the concrete to set, and the fence contractor can add the rails the next day. 

Most modern fence designs come in premade sections, so the fence company can install them quickly, often having the entire fence in place in a day or two. If the yard you are fencing is extremely large, it can take longer, but the contractor can give you an idea of how long the project will take once they go over the layout and design with you during the consultation. 

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